The #AntiSelfie Challenge: Tranquility in the storm!

That me first explain the purpose here.  I hate the word selfie; however, I can not deny its popularity.  Almost every social media outlet, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram, all you see everywhere is #Selfie and I am sick of it. With the popularity of the chainsmoker’s song titled #Selfie, video below, the word has taken the world by storm.  Even the doctor took a #Selfie on an episode of Doctor Who this last season and even said Selfie out loud while she took the picture.  God can I not escape this word.

The other reason why I hate the word Selfie so much is because the word is so very vain.  I am fine with being confident in who you are and I truly believe in equality and being yourself, but I also feel as if the word Selfie represents how egocentric we have become as a society.

That is why I am giving out the following challenge:

The #AntiSelfie Challenge

I am challenging everyone to start posting #AntiSelfies.  These can be pictures of anything and everything but your self.  Anyone who has watch the recent scientific documentary Cosmos, and if you haven’t I beg everyone to watch it, airing Sundays on Fox, can tell you, we are just a tiny speck in the grand scheme of the universe.  I feel that we should be connected to more thinks than just ourselves.  Ill start everything off.

Tranquility in the Storm of The #AntiSelfie Challenge

#AntiSelfie Challenge March 29, 2014 Tranquility in the Storm!


The #AntiSelfie Challenge

March 29, 201

Tranquility in the Storm

Steven Gerard

I know I am not the only one, but I like to sit outside in the rain.  I love the peace and the tranquility that mother nature  brings down upon us.  She kindly reminds us that we have no control and we must humble ourselves.

Well, While I was sitting on my porch, enjoying the pitter-patter pf the rain with an occasional thunder crash in the background, I started to feel the muscle in my shoulders ease and just and overwhelming feeling of relaxing envelope my body.  The picture above is down the side of my house this afternoon.

I like to meditate during storms.  I find them very metaphoric for my life.  Anyone who knows me knows I live a crazy, chaotic life.  Personally, I am getting sick of it, but everyone’s life is a story, so mine should just make and interesting read, right?

In my chaotic life, I always seek refuge in the stillness.  It can be extremely hard at time, but there is always Tranquility in the Storm.

Currently, My household has to make a fly-by-night, 1,000 mile move.  This is very scary but things have gotten very dire here and its time to go back home.  It is always darkest before the dawn, and we can really feel the grips tightening.

I just keep reminding myself that it is almost over.  That we are almost out of here.  I must keeping finding my Tranquility in the Storm.