Memoirs Of A Gay Son :Chapter 1 The Early Years Page 1

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Memoirs Of A Gay Son : Chapter 1 The Early Years

Page 1

Steven Gerard

Let me start you off by giving you a little background.  My name is Steven Gerard.  I was born on June 19th, 1989 at Ellwood City Hospital in Elwood City, Pennsylvania.  I was born the youngest of three boys.

At an extremely young age, I was still an infant, my parents got divorced.  In this book I feel the reasoning is not important, plus I was too young to give you an honest viewpoint on the story.  My mother always use to say that “we wish the two of them got back together”, but as I tried to tell her, How can I miss what I don’t remember?

That was the whole thing with me.  Maybe some children from broken homes look at other families and see them as “normal” and envied what they had.  I never went through any of that.  For that matter, I never viewed my family as broken, I just viewed is as expandable.

The memories for the first couple years of life are very vague and obscure.  I remember every morning before preschool; I would pick a fresh peace of Rhubarb to pack in my lunch every day.  On the way to preschool every morning, my mother would stop by Dunkin’ Donuts every morning and pick whatever I wanted off the menu.  My choice was always the same.  I would get a cinnamon roll and chocolate milk.

I also remember, in the trailer, we had a hide-a-bed couch in the living room and every Friday night we would pull out the bed and had family movie night.  Mom would make popcorn and we would all spend the night out in the living room watching movies.  This was the first sense that I got from my mother of how she felt about her family.  Family was and forever will be extremely important to her.

I also have one other very distinct memory from living in that trailer.  I must have been around three years old and I was lying on the kitchen floor, eating canned pasta rings, looking through my Where’s Waldo book while my mother stood at the kitchen sink washing the dishes.  I remember I spilled some in my book and I got upset and started to pout.   My mother came over to see what the matter was.  She cleaned off the page and happens to take a look with me.  On this page, the scene was a museum with all the different statues of the Greek gods.  There was also a statue on the page marked “The Unknown God”.  She then pointed out to me that that particular statue responded the one true Christian God, and all the others were false gods and should not be worshiped.

This memory is very important to me.  It shows me, at a very young age might I add, my mother’s strength and dedication to her religion and beliefs.  I love my mother to death, but our personal belief systems do not see eye to eye.  I also feel that I cannot judge her for her beliefs and expect her to respect mine.

My next memory isn’t for about a year later.  I remember it was spring and we were staying with our dad for the weekend.  He was driving us out to Brady’s Run Park in Beaver County and he told us that there was someone special he wanted us to meet.  As we pulled up to the picnic area by the creek, I saw a white Pontiac sitting there.


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