How to Double or even Triple the burn time on your PartyLite 3-wick Candles to 100 hours!!!

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How to get 100 burning hours out of your PartyLite 3-Wick Candles!

Steven Gerard

While doing some casual; reading this evening, I found an article that claims if you follow these steps. that you can make your 3-wick PartyLite Candle last for 100 hours of burn time.  That is anywhere from double to triple the suggested burn time of 35-55 hours!  Here a section of that article!

When we lost our power for 24 hours due to a high wind storm, my PartyLite 3 Wick candle came in very handy! This is a large, fat pillar candle, with three wicks on the top, and when lit it gives off an incredible amount of light. I am sensitive to chemical smells, but the mild scent of this 3 wick is not at all overpowering.

There are a few important things to know about PartyLite candles, and to get the most from them you need to follow a few guidelines. When burning the 3 wick candles, you are instructed to allow them to burn (for the first time use) for 6 hours. When you do this, you won’t get three little puddles or holes in the top of the candle. Instead, the entire top will be melted and when it cools, it will look similar to it did before you lit it.

When you have burned the candle for the first 6 hours, you need to “hug” the sides of the candle with your hands while the parrafin is still warm, forming the wax toward the inside of the candle, this will give you a lot more burning hours, and when burned correctly, you can actually get an astounding 100 hours of burn time from this smaller 3 wick candle. (PartyLite also sells the 3 wicks in a taller, 8 inch version, which provides 200 hours of burn time).

Click here to read the full article!



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