BOGO!!!! Buy One Get One Free sale on all regular priced Essential Jar Candles!

BOGO Free Sale on regular priced Essential Jar Candles until March 28, 2014

Buy One Essential Jar Candle at the regular price, get the second one free!

BOGO on all Regularly Priced Essential Jar Candles! Offer good until Friday!

Steven Gerard

Hi everybody! I just wanted to let everyone know that we are currently having an amazing deal on Essential Jar Candles.  From now until March 25, 2014, All regularly priced Essential Jar Candles are buy one get one free!  That’s right,m you will get TWO Essential Jar Candles for only $15.00, plus shipping and handling!

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  3. You get a FREE order of a dozen tealights with your first online order!

Again, this membership is totally FREE!  Even if you don’t think you are gonna order for awhile we ask that you go ahead and sign-up today, just so you don’t loose out on any deals in the near future!!

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