Where can I find Aromatherapy Recipes and Oils? Tisserand.com, Cool Aromatherapy Website!


Tiiserand.com! Where you can find Aromatherapy recipes and oils!

Steven Gerard

While surfing the internet I stumbled upon this great aromatherapy website last night.  Now, yes, I sell candles, but some of my friends enjoy the art of mixing natural herbs and oils to alleviate some condition or mood.  Or maybe you are like myself and have always been interested in Aromatherapy but never really knew where to start?  Well, I have found the site for you!


That’s right, Tisserand.com.  Not only do they sell the essential oils that you need but they also have simple aromatherapy recipes for both mood and atmosphere.

If you have ever been interested in Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy recipes or oils, I suggest you give Tisserand.com a try!

Don’t forget to share!  You never know who could find use out of this article!


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