Keywords, Keyword Phrases, and Tags?!? What do they all mean?!?

In my last post, I discussed what, “Why it was so important to blog?”  As I was writing, I couldn’t help but put the importance that your blog should be “Keyword Rich”.  Well, what if you don’t know what a keyword is?  and what is the difference between keywords and keyword phrases?  and, for the love of all that is holy what are tags?  That is why today we are covering

Keywords, Keyword Phrases, and Tags?!?  What do they all mean?!?

What are keywords?

Keywords, Keyword Phrases, and Tags?!? What do they all mean?!?

So, I feel first off it would be best to explain what they all are.  Essentially, they are all the same thing.  They are different terms for different places.  Whether it be a keyword, keyword phrase, or tag, they are all used to index your site or post.

Here are the differences:

  • Keywords – Keywords are single word terms used to index a website.
  •  Keyword Phrases – Keyword phrases are multiple word phrases used to index a website.  AS the internet started to expand, users started searching differently.  Instead of searching for Plumbers, people started searching Accredited Plumbers.  That is literally the only difference.
  • Tags – Tags are keywords and keyword phrases for blog sites.

Basically here is how it works.  I am going to use this post as an example.

Since this is a blog site, everything you see on this post will be a tag.  The tags I am going to use are Tag, Keywords, and Keyword PhrasesAs you can see below, I have added tag, keyword, and keyword phrases to my tags for this post.

Tags: Keywords, Keyword Phrases, Tag

Keywords, Keyword Phrases and Tag are now registered as tags for this post.

Now that I ave my tags registered for this post, my job now is to fill this post with as many of those tags as possible.  Every time a search engine scrolls this post, it will search for those three tags.  Every time it sees tag, keywords, or keyword phrases the search engine gives my post a point.  Then the total number of points on each post is divided between the tags.  Then each page battle for supremacy on each tag, but that will be explained another time.

The golden number of Keywords, Keyword Phrases or Tags seems to be between five and seven.  Just enough to earn enough points, but not to many to distribute them to thin.

First, you wanna make sure your title has keywords in it.

Keywords, Keyword Phrases, and Tags?!?  What do they all mean?!?

Tag rich Tittle and URL link!

As you can see, keyword, keyword phrases, and tag, all three of my tags, are in the title of my blog.  By default, WordPress automatically put the tags in the URL link to the blog itself, bonus!

Next, is to make sure you use them as much as possible in your text.  I think I have typed keywords, keyword phrases and tags enough in this post for that.

Third, is you want to embed your keywords, keyword phrases or tags in all of your imaged.

Embedding Tags on images!

Embedding Keywords, Keyword Phrases, or Tags in your images on WordPress!

Once you go into the photos options, you can see their are many places to add the keywords, keyword phrases, or tags.  The Title of the image is what the image is actually called.  The title of this image is, “How do Keywords, Keyword Phrases, and Tags effect my traffic?”  The Alternate Text is the text that will appear in a small ribbon while the pointer is resting on the image.  Go ahead and try it!  The Caption is obviously the text that appears under the image.  Just as I said, there was plenty of places to naturally cram in those Keywords, Keyword  Phrases, or Tags.

As you can see, it can be really easy to fill your pages with keywords, keyword phrases. or tags in your posts and pages.

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