Why is blogging so important for my small business?

I hear a lot of small businesses complain about having to keep up with the modern side of technology.  I mean who has time to keep up with social media rules and how to keep people talking to you.  Unfortunately, this step is vital for survival in today’s technology to have a legitimate business.  I want to reveal the basics to everyone.  Now, with that being said, each business is different and each business should have an individual plan.  Today. I am going to answer one of the most common question.

Why is blogging so important for my small business?


  • It gives your business a voice!  With blogging, you have the ability to have as voice for your business and to have a audience to speak to.  This may seem like it doesn’t apply to your business. but I promise in some way it does.  If you are a restaurant, you can talk about weekly and daily deals.  If you are a musician, you can post of future venues you will be performing at. Literally, every business has something they can write about that relates to their business.
  • It creates content!  Nothing is better for your site than content.  Search engines love keyword rich content(which we will cover in another blog).  Not only that content is share-able.  Every time you create content, you can share it through numerous outlets.  This leads into my final point.
  • It increases traffic and visibility!  With the search engines eating up your posts and with you sharing the stories all over the place, you will inevitably increase your traffic.  Your posts will show up on more people monitors, leading more people to your site.

I hope this information helps a few people.  Please like us on Facebook to get updates in your news feed!



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